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About us

China Center for International Science and Technology Exchange (CISTE) is a not-for-profit national organization established under the leadership of China Association for Science and Technology. Its objective is to promote, by organizing professional conferences and technical tours, scientific and technological exchanges between Chinese and foreign professionals and scholars in the fields of science, technology, medical science, agricultural science and engineering.

What We Do
As a Professional Conference Organizer and Professional Exhibition Organizer, CICCST collaborates with national learned societies, government agencies, institutes and universities to organize various kinds of international conferences, symposia, workshops, training courses, technical visits, and technical exhibitions.
CICCST provides the following services for international conferences to be held in China:
  • Planning and feasibility studies
  • Site Selection, site screening and site recommendation
  • Secretariat administration
  • Finances and accounting
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Program co-ordination
  • Exhibition management
  • On-site meeting coordination
  • Publications management: designing, printing and distributing conference and invitation materials.
  • Graphic design and printing
  • Social events organization
  • Logistics and on-site set-up:
 Transportation and travel
 Audio-visual equipment, stage light design, sound system
 Computers and laptops
 Technical management
 Processing of abstracts and scientific programs
 Website design
 Liaising with caterers and other suppliers
  • Technical and cultural tours